Template of Bank Authorization Letter

Bank authorization letter is the letter which is addressed to the Bank by any customer of the Bank, who is having account within the concerned Bank. The Account holder of the Bank by this letter authorizes some another person, to act on the behalf of the original Bank account holder for the concerned Bank account of the original Bank account holder.

In simple words in the Bank authorization letter the account holder of the Bank mention the name of the person, who is going to represent the account of the concerned person. In this authorization letter the original account holder gives all the rights of making any transaction on behalf of the person during the mentioned timings.

This authorization letter is addressed to the Bank by the original Bank account holder, so that this change of the authority can be brought into the knowledge of the Bank, and the Bank could also approve such change of authority.

This authorization letter is very common letter which is used in the Banking sector by the customers, since there may be the times and the situations, when the original holder of the Bank account may be unavailable to make the transactions on their account, and this is when the another person is authorized on the behalf of the original holder of the account.

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